Board of Directors:-

  • Mr. Habib Ullah Sheikh
  • Mrs.Rabia Habib
  • Mr. Wali Ullah Sheikh

Profile of Habib Ullah Sheikh:-

Habib Ullah Sheikh has run a brokerage firm under his own name at the Lahore Stock Exchange since 1993. The firm deals in both equity and fixed income securities.


  • MSc. Engineering
  • LLB

Professional Courses

  • International Finance Corporate (IFC)
  • Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management (International Science and Technology Institute)
  • Management of Stock Exchanges and Securities Companies (International Science and Technology Institute)
  • Pakistan Institute Of Corporate Governance
  • Capital Market Of Pakistan Current Challenges

Positions Served

  • Vice President, Lahore Stock Exchange (1994)
  • Vice Chairman, Lahore Stock Exchange (2001)
  • Member Executive Committee Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1994-97)
  • Director PCICS Ltd. Makers of Sohrab Motorcycles and bicycles. ()
  • Director Universal Sales Agency (Pvt.) Ltd.

Shareholding Pattern

  • HABIB ULLAH SHEIKH 45,225 (No. of shares)
  • RABIA HABIB 25 (No. of shares)
  • WALI ULLAH SHEIKH 50 (No. of shares)

Audit Committee